Read all about Thula Moya and Renewable Energy and why we do what we do in the Renewable Energy sector in South Africa.

Thula Moya energy is a family run business who have dug their feet into the renewable energy sector. Thula Moya is proud to be the exclusive dealer of the Archimedes WindMill (AWM), a silent wind turbine that is suitable for residential use. The windmill is designed with nature in mind, expressing the beauty of a flower. Not only does the turbine look beautiful, but it produces clean energy fit to supply a household with green power.

Thula Moya prides themselves in customer service and relationship. We walk all our new clients down the renewable energy path with transparent service and advice. It is a difficult task understanding which system will suit your needs and whether you are dealing with reputable installers. Us, at Thula Moya, understand this difficulty and have tailored our services to adapt to the circumstances of our clients.

We see our clients not as customers, but rather partners on a journey to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Join us on this journey to reap the benefits of sustainability, not only for you, but for your children, as well as theirs.

More sustainable power source ,
more life for the planet

We at Thula Moya are passionate about sustaining an Earth without the dependence of burning fossil fuels. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of wind and solar energy by promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict free energy. All Thula Moya employees live by our vision, mission and values and are on a quest to meet the sustainable energy requirements of our clients and stakeholders.

We want to beat the race of climate change and global warming by supplying innovative solutions that turns environmental elements into lifelong suppliers of energy. Read all about Thula Moya and Renewable Energy on the key points below.


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