The aim of this offering is to give our customers a finance option for solar power solutions that is affordable and pain free. 


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Our finance options help clients switch to green and eco-friendly electricity with all the flexibility they need for them not to feel the financial pinch.



Asset Rental Finance is the most tax efficient method for businesses to acquire solar PV systems. It allows for flexibility to add or change equipment and requires no capital outlay protecting vital cash flows for business growth and operating expenses.

Equipment payments can be spread across the useful life of the technology without crippling the business’s working capital.

Tax efficiency is key when acquiring equipment and rentals are one of the most tax efficient ways to do so.

Rentals are seen as an expense so it can be deducted from taxable income and are not seen as assets on the balance sheet.
There are a number of incentives associated with solar PV that make them an attractive option especially for businesses but also residential properties.


Feed-in tariffs
Customers are ‘paid’ for any electricity they feed onto the grid (if your local municipality permits it), through reductions in their energy bills.

Tax benefit (12i):
Tax allowance incentive designed to support greenfield and brownfield investments through support for both capital investment and training.

Pay less carbon tax
As a low carbon energy source, solar PV will reduce the impact of the impending national carbon tax on businesses.

Tax benefit (12b)
100% accelerated depreciation in the first financial year. In effect, it equates to a 28% discount on the price of the solar system.

Solar PV is VAT deductible
VAT registered entities can deduct the VAT portion of the solar PV system.

Green Tourism Incentive Programme
Small and micro tourism businesses can qualify for up to R1m in grants when they switch to renewable energy sources





Further loans for property owners allow property owners to access available funds on their property for off-grid solutions or any other large expenditure.

Bond Origination Service is also available for the acquisition of fixed property available with all major banks.

Another option is finance bridging options which are available to buyers and sellers for transactions in process in order to access cash.

How it works…….


  • We put you in contact with our relevant registered services provider to collect the following from you:  Our quotation for your solar system, a copy of your RSA ID, proof of residence, proof of income (your most recent salary payslip) and a bank statement reflecting the salary deposits for the last 3 months.
  • Your application gets assessed:  Once your application has been assessed, you will find out what your interest rate will be and what repayment terms you qualify for.
  •  Agreement Acceptance & Pay-out:  Upon acceptance of your finance agreement, Thula Moya Energy is paid and the installation commences. The installation is then signed off and the handover commences.



  • Low Monthly Premiums:  Affordable low monthly premiums so you can enjoy solar power.
  • Options to pay off quicker:  Multiple ways for you to pay off your solar power system, the choice is up to you.
  • Growth in property value:  With a solar power system you can increase the growth in your property value over a long term.
  • Reduced risk of no power:  With solar power you reduce the risk of having no power during power outages.
  • Cost recovery on sale of property:  Increase the value of your property with a solar system. Increasing your return on investment.
  • Immediate monthly savings:  Save monthly with solar power. Not spending so much money for electricity is going to make a solar system a profitable investment.

Sustainable, practical and cost-saving technology



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