25kW Solar Power System – Honeywood Functions

Thula Moya Energy is proud to have completed a 25 kW solar power system installation at Honeywood Functions and the Cellar at Sea Park, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The system is designed to meet their day time energy needs.

The system will produce an average of 25,000 kW hours per year, reducing the client’s annual carbon emissions by 27tons. Great to see another client being empowered by the sun!

The system consists of:

535W JA Solar Mono-PERC Solar Panels

SMA 25000W Inverter

Sunny Home Manager 2.0

Integrated remote web monitoring and smartphone app

Solar cells for monocrystalline panels are produced with silicon wafers (the silicon is first formed into bars and then it is sliced into thin wafers). The panel derives its name “mono” because it uses single-crystal silicon. As the cell is constituted of a single crystal, it provides the electrons more space to move for a better electricity flow.

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