5kWh Lithium Ion Battery Solution – Cash Crusaders

Thula Moya Energy in partnership with BrightHouse energy and Specialized Solar Solutions, is proud to have completed a 5kW lithium ion battery installation for a number of Cash Crusaders retail outlets in KZN. The system is designed to allow for business as usual during periods of load shedding.

The system consists of:

Victron 5000VA Inverter

5kWh Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery

Fully integrated remote management for all components

Fully integrated remote web monitoring and smartphone app

This unit is not only a UPS. It has the capability to become an integral part of your electrical network, facilitating the input of solar energy into this network and transferring up to 50A of 230 VAC through the system. With its intelligent battery charger, it maintains the LiFePO4 battery at the correct value, ensuring long life with no maintenance. This unit has a 70A charger

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