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The Thula Moya Power Server is our innovative response to South Africa’s power management concerns. After years of wall-mounted solar and battery installations we sought to create a simpler, faster, more compact approach to our projects.

Designed for capacity, independence and efficient installations, we developed the Thula Moya Power Server. We now assemble systems in black steel server cabinets off-site at our factory before delivery.

Whether it is a 5kW home project or a 200kW commercial installation, this pre-built approach to our projects by assembling, programming and testing our systems off-site we are able to deliver more affordable and more efficient installations.

All the necessary components are built into the Power Server before delivery to site — including inverters, lithium batteries, the sub-distribution board, fuses, switches and communication devices.

Advantages of off-site Assembly

  • Assembled in a controlled environment (reduced margin for error)
  • Pre-configured, programmed and tested using our factory’s Solar PV system (minimizing potential faults on site)
  • Faster and more cost-effective installations (less drilling and fewer disturbances)
  • Reduced waste on site — no need for boxes, cable cut-offs
  • Modular and easily scalable — additional batteries or inverters can be integrated to the system at a later stage.

Features of the Power Server:

  • Neat, compact, free standing installation
  • Powder-coated black steel with smoked glass door
  • Lockable and tamper-proof: protecting children and staff and the keeping the system safe
  • Built-in server fans to maintain ambient operating temperature
  • Mounted on trolley wheels making it easier to move the system if the need arises

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